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( /ˈkandorlē/ )

A simple and straightforward communication game that facilitates the bringing of people together, the sharing of thoughts and stories, shattering of boundaries, and ultimately inspiring people to create deeper connections. From family and friends to coworkers, strangers, lovers, or oneself — Candrly sets the stage for anyone to dive deeper into conversation and reflection. With open-ended, thought-provoking, and shield dropping questions — Candrly is great at eliciting responses of more substance, which can significantly impact the building of more vibrant connections and relationships.

Go Deeper

Tired of Shallow Conversations?

Candrly's Question Game helps facilitate more in-depth, more meaningful conversations with anyone from family and friends to coworkers, strangers, a significant other, and even with yourself. Every question is chosen with immense intent to engage the mind. We designed it to enable anyone to go beyond yes or no responses. Instead, Candrly sets the stage for beautiful minds to share their unique perspectives.

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Create a Better Foundation

Whether you're dealing with family, friendships, romantic interests, or co-workers, communication and understanding what drives them positively or negatively is fundamental – it's the key to any successful relationship.